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Then Who is Worthy to Receive Holy Communion?

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Then Who is Worthy to Receive Holy Communion?


St. Augustine once observed about communion: “Behold what you are, become what you receive.” In this time of Eucharistic Renewal, we are asked to grow more deeply in our understanding of this central mystery of our Catholic experience. How is Jesus present to us in the Eucharistic species? How do we express this in our receiving and living this great mystery? As members of Christ’s Body, how are we sharing in this sacrificial offering? How do we fully say “Amen” with the fullness of our intellect and will? This talk will use the prayers, images, and instructions of Holy Mass to discover more deeply our relationship with Christ in the Eucharist.




Tuesday, February 27


7:00-8:30 PM


Our Lady of the Assumption


Fr Leon Hutton