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Paul’s Pagan World.

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Paul’s Pagan World.


Paul the Apostle was as Jewish as they came, but like all Jews of the first century, lived in a world saturated by Greek-Roman religion, with temples on every street corner, shrines in every household, and daily sacrifice done to “care for” (cultus) the Gods. But the term “Christian” was largely unknown. The word “Catholic” in terms of a religion, did not yet exist. Today, while pilgrimaging in Israel/Palestine and Turkey, and walking through the ruins of ancient cities, one can get a taste of what it was like to “preach the Gospel” in such a world. Take a tour of parts of this world accented by videos, photos and personal anecdotes from my pilgrimages, with reference to New Testament passages that reflect this reality. “Diversity” is nothing new! Let’s go!




Monday, February 27


7:00-8:30 PM


Holy Cross


Dr William J Shaules